Ways to Invest in Yourself

I use tools to help you understand your essence, your energy, and I am trained to guide you through
your self-discovery journey

I offer individual readings for those wanting to learn more about their unique energy. I also offer 1:1 coaching sessions which will dive deeper into your psyche and integrate all the following tools

Birth Chart Reading

Better understand the energies that influence your personality and inner world

$65 for 30 mins

Intro to your Human Design

Understand how our personal energy is designed to express itself

$55 for 30 mins

Tarot / Intuitive Reading 

Get clarity in topics ranging from soul purpose, family, relationships, or career

$33 for 15 mins

Soul Purpose Coaching

Guiding you back to your deepest desires and your soul's purpose

$1,111 for
12 sessions
60 mins

About My Coaching Style

I believe we both need to feel comfortable with each other and confident that we’re a good fit. That’s why I offer a free discovery call to get to know each other and get a feel for how we work together. 

-It is important that anyone that is interested in making the commitment is truly ready to take responsibility of the direction of their lives, and show up fully to focus on their personal development journey

-I will remain committed to our time together while creating a safe space for your transformation

-My energy will be soothing, calm, mindful, accepting and non-judgmental

My goal is to help you get clarity on your thoughts and any limited beliefs that may be standing in the way of your heart's deepest desires and how you can manifest your most fulfilling life


Miami, Fl

How I can support you

Guiding you back to your soul's purpose, aiding you to heal and discover yourself on a deeper level

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